Sunday, 10 February 2013

Megan Nielson 'Ruched T-Shirt'-Chanel Stripes *Maternity Make*

Here is the second instalment of my #PregnancyPledge; in a terribly optimistic move to emulate the look of Chanel, which I adore... I thought that I would attempt a nice long sleeve number with the quintessentially ‘Chanel’ trademark of blue and white stripes. Admittedly, the fabric is inverse colours in terms of the original style- but I am still delighted with the clear and simple print of the stripes.

Bump ready ruching

Front has ruching and the stripes (almost) meet 

I used a jersey that I picked up from eBay for about €3/m and used about 1.2m. I've got lots left to make something else, maybe a vertical striped top or maybe even slip dress to go over my swimming costume, bump and vulnerable skin after a dip in the Sicilian Sea in what is our final indulgence of fun in June. As you may be aware, my ultimate plan with this #PregnancyPledge is to make a decent, bespoke and unique maternity wardrobe for my pregnancy that will take me well into summer 2013, where little one will be born mid-August. Consequently, our little holiday to Sicily in June may be our last for a while, so I want it to be nice.

So here is my second item of clothing for the collection... Megan Nielson's 'Ruched T-Shirt'. 

I was quickly able to cut out the pieces for the top, there are 3 patterns pieces to cut, which are either cut on the fold like the front and back pieces or cut away from the fold line, but two pieces to be cut- which are the sleeves. 

The construction was very easy; they giving nature of the jersey meant that the sewing of the sleeves was no hard task to complete. the 'ruching' was a doddle and the seams are a dream to match.

The only change I made to the original pattern was to add a bias-tape neckline, rather than the printed method of folding and sewing. I think this addition makes the piece look a lot classier, I think so anyway. Moreover, this is the best bias-taping I have ever done- only taken me a year, but I have mastered it.

So here are the obligatory pictures of me wearing the top, I am delighted with it and I love the buttons around my neckline. Again, I love the idea of adding a little detail here and there to, otherwise, mundane clothes.

I will make this again. I am going to try and be a bit more frugal with my purchasing of fabric. I think I bought way too much of this fabric, unnecessary really. I am particularly interested in penny-pinching right now, so splurging out on nearly a metre extra of fabric is uncomfortably wasteful. However, I plan to make a few more of these tops and plan to get this cutting layout down to the minimum and work out how much fabric I actually need. Of course, no fabric will ever go to waste. I shall always find a way to utilise scraps. Nevertheless, I think it would be a pleasant addition to my wardrobe to have two more tops rather than one more, just because I have now worked out cutting plans better!

In all honesty, I think that the sleeves are too tight for my ex-kayaking arms. Although I fit into the top and will more than likely carry on fitting into the top... I think that the fit could be a little looser to make the arms feel a little more comfy.

Cost: €4.50 fabric
Time taken: 4 hours
Make again: Yes!

I think I will probably make a longer but sleeveless version in this navy stripe and plain black. Very helpful I think for summer and chillaxing. 

Next patterns are: 'Tova' from Wiksten. It's a fabulously simple and relaxed shirt. Love the idea of it AND they deliver in PDF format to your email address. Perfect. THEN the Burda Ruched Maternity Skirt which was kindly gifted to me from Kat G from the fabulous blog All the whimsical things




  1. It looks very chic and I bet you will wear it to death! I'm sure that spare metre will be used before you know it... SoZo maternified her free vest pattern that up cycles t-shirts but I'm sure you knew that already!

  2. Hey Caffy - this is such a great top! And perfect to grow into as well. You're looking really great, pregnancy suits you!


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