Monday, 11 February 2013

Bundana begins...Crochet and "Crochet Unravelled' by Claire Bojczuk mini review

To add to my cacophony of textile crafts that I have newly showed an interest in, I have some purchases that are brilliant!

After doing the obligatory research via and nearly spending a small fortune on books to learn how to ruddy crochet, I found this (quite frankly) pamphlet-book with nothing but good reviews and under £5. So I purchased and I must say I am thrilled. Simplicity and clarity is what is going on in this book; you need to learn this, then this and then this... then you can crochet. No mysticism, not filler- just the facts. 
I do love to have a book or fifty on my book shelves, but this is actually perfect for a UTTER novice like me. 

Although I am right handed, it was a nice addition for the writer (Claire Bojczuk) to have the addition of clear instructions for left and right-handed crochet techniques. 

I also bought my crochet hooks from eBay for €4, they are lovely and multi-coloured... very aesthetically pleasing for a multi-coloured type of gal!

Finally, from a previously failed knitting magazine subscription nearly 4 years ago... I have a nice yarn collection! I have  carried all this wool around with me for the last 4 years as I have moved 4 or 5 times in that time! Now, I can put all this to good use and get some function out of, what has become, my sewing room staple... a linen basket full of wool! 

Love having it now!

So, as I digress and progress from just sewing clothes to thinking about making things that are beautiful and handmade for my life, crochet seems to be fitting in quite nicely to where I would like to take my 'maker' attitude and willingness. Currently I am dreaming about a rainbow coloured playmat quilt, vividly showing the spectrum with all its glory. There is something about the spectrum that I just simply adore to see. 

Something like this from 'a quilt is nice' 

I plan to use triple layers of bamboo wadding and make it a visually pleasing (for me and the baby) play mat.



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