Friday, 8 February 2013

*Knitted* A Hat for the 'Winter Set'

Just a quick blog entry to show you the hat that I have made for bambino! 

This is part of the on-going 'Winter Set' that I'm making for little one. 

Next up is a cardigan, my biggest knitting challenge yet! I know it's not a Fair Isle knit jumper in 12 different colours- but these are massive steps for me! Incidentally, I REALLY want to learn how to knit Fair Isle/ Stranded clothing items. I am giving myself 18 months to get there, so lots of time and LOTS of resources available to learn from online.


Another project from the 'Knitty Gritty' book by Aneeta Patel and indeed; another winner! I can't rate this book highly enough- I really feel like my hand is being held with these projects and ideas that she gives in her books. As I have previously mentioned, some projects are just not for me- but I have found that you can miss a few projects if you don't like them and simply carry on with the ones that do tickle your fancy. If you do this, you are learning and applying more than one new technique at a time as the design of the book and projects mean that one project is one new technique and the next project will be the last technique from the previous project plus a new technique.

With the hat, I had already learnt decreasing stitches and now was embracing and developing my 1x1 rib stitch technique and adding a colour. 


Tivoli Tweed Aran #790 Grey 

King Cole Merino Blend DK #926 Petrol

I need to get some more of both as I am still intending on making another cardigan (let's learn crochet for this one) and some mittens. Tempted to make a matching hat for mummy... but one shall resist.... a nice beret with a green trim.... NO!



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  1. Do it! Matching hats for the win!

    Looks good, my attempt at knitting is a small square of brown, never got any further. Loving your growing skills, keep on trucking lovely, can't wait to see the cardi!


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