Sunday, 17 February 2013

Kindle Fire HD Cover *Finished Sewing Object*

I got a lovely Christmas present this year from Q of a Kindle Fire HD, I love it as I can read all the books that I have been meaning to quickly as handily, except it’s a beast of technology with a touch screen, HD vision, Dolby sound... blah blah blah. Basically, it needs looking after when I am carrying it around in my handbag- with the aim of doing a little impromptu reading wherever and whenever I can.

I recently have been devouring the blog of ‘Skulls and Ponies’. It’s a wonderful blog and her taste in fabrics, hobbies and d├ęcor is not a million miles away from my taste (actually, it’s probably about 3 doors down the road, in terms of analogies). So I followed her Kindle Cover tutorial and made my own!

Changes from Kindle Keyboard 3g to Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Keyboard pattern pieces are:

2  17 x 22cm pieces 
and 1 17 x 8cm piece.

Kindle Fire HD pieces require:

2 18.5 x 22cm pieces
and 1 18.5 x 8cm piece

I just went with the flow of how I was feeling, so I went for the primary colours with this make. I also love the main 'Red Sparrow' fabric, I am an addict for nature, so this fabric sung to me! The yellow thread accentuates the sporadic yellow flying sparrow in the pattern, I think...

Fabric used:

Red Sparrow from Backstitch. I bought this in a Rainbow Charm Pack they do of 10 fabrics @ £29 for the bundle, but can be bought singularly @ £12/metre. £1.00 worth used in my project.

Blue and white Polka dot from an eBay bargain @ €2/metre. 60p-worth used.

Natural wood button, Ragmarket bargain @ 50p

Yellow thread, eBay job lot deals €3 for 10 spools, so 30p for this yellow thread. 3p’s worth used here.

Velcro. 5p worth. Needs stitching but adhesive Velcro is an UTTER disaster.

Wadding was £3/metre. Used 40p-worth

Total spend: £2.58


In comparison to selling their Kindle Fire HD cases at around £30, I have saved a fortune and have a unique piece AND keeping up with my Seamless Pledge lifestyle choice.

You may or may not have seen that in 2009, The Guardian reviewed and created a list of 1000 books that in their group of panel member’s opinions- everyone should read. The list is called ‘1000 novels everyone must read: the definitive list’.

Containing seven categories:
  • ·         Love
  • ·         Crime
  • ·         Comedy
  • ·         Family and Self
  • ·         State of the Nation,
  • ·         Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • ·         War and Travel 

Being an excessively indecisive person I thought it would be a bit different to read randomly pick books from this list. At the moment, I’m working my way through ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen, I can’t believe it- but I had never got around to reading this book. So I have quickly devoured this one, which is free on, and nearly ready to pick the next book to give a go. To boot, I must admit to not reading many sci-fi books in my time as I most often preoccupied with classic old fiction or (on the opposite end of the scale) scientific books, but textbook type… natural history, astronomy, biographies of the ‘greats’ like Einstein etc. So this will be interesting, I may unearth a Terry Pratchett affinity or a penchant for John Wyndham… who knows?!

My next book to read will be.... Double Indemnity by James M Cain, it's a crime, folks!

I love to have physical books in my house; however, I find that textbooks are what I love to have. Cooking books, natural history, nursing, medical and of course… craft books. I am increasingly getting busier and busier, I don’t reread fiction books as a rule and give them away to someone else if I have particularly enjoyed it… my message when they want to return the book is ‘pass it on to someone else’. So from now on, fiction books can go on my Kindle and my beloved textbooks can be on the living room shelf!

If anyone would like my list of books, just send me an email: and I’ll email it over to you. I just use a number generator app on my iPhone that you can download for free from appstores, just pick the one that you like the look of, as there are lots!



PS. There are actually 998 books, I don't why.


  1. That's fabulous. If I didn't have a case for my kindle already I would make one. I didn't know that list of books existed, I quite fancy trying that out myself. Sometimes there are books you forget about aren't there, and a list like that can be good. I'm awful indecisive too. x

  2. Your Kindle cover looks great! I, too, love books, and only got my Kindle last June. I've only just realised that I do the same as you - fiction on the Kindle, and fact on the bookshelf!

  3. This is fab! I have a new Kindle on the way and was hoping to make my own case this time so this is most fortuitous!

  4. Oh wow. I love this - so cute. I'm going to make one for the boyf. x

  5. This knidle case is gorgeous. By the way I have nominated you for the blog of the year:

  6. That bird fabric is so cute! Nicely done!

  7. Extremely cute and crafty. Love it <3

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