Friday, 22 March 2013

Wiksten Tank v4 "Air of Africa" *Finished Object

Last of my Wiksten pregnancy makes!

I have made this final Wiksten using The FabricGodmothers' fabulous African wax print, it's so east to work with, doesn't shrink when washed and is show-stoppingly different and funky!

I think this top will look great with some shorts, sandles and funky wooden beads for summer... and of course, bump for the ultimate in summer-style!


I hope I have portryed my excitement and love of this fabulous and versatile pattern. I made some very simple and quick alterations to this pattern and have made what I can only explain as a wardrobe staple for my mid-term pregnant state!

Next few blog posts will be baby-based, but in Bundana style! I have made a lovely and funky 'grobag'. Its fabulously easy and a perfect present for an expectant mother, if you are not a mother or father yourselves!

Until next time



  1. All your tops look fab! I love the print on this one.

  2. So glad this works!! Yay!

  3. Awe - this will look super fly with sandals and wood beads like you say! :D Nice work miss! :) Very nice! <3 Dawn PS - congratulations on being pregnant! :D Fun stuff! :)

  4. Its great for a new slant on my sew, fo' sure!!

  5. Tee hee, thanks... I do try, sometimes. Currently still sat in my joggers and a Rolf Harris tee.. but ya know ;-)

  6. I love it too... bump looks flatterered by them too, which is nice!!

  7. This will look fab this summer. I am loving ethnic prints too!


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