Friday, 10 February 2012

Sunny Day Dress by Jamie Christina...."The Winkerton Flasher"

I have a confession... I have a 'Tramp Stamp' that went a bit mad! No, I jest... I don't. Its a cat and a lotus flower and blah blah blah. BUT, being from my shoulder blades down to my tailbone, I don't often get to flash it off... this dress however can do this. Winkerton is my bestest friend in the whole wide world who gave me some inspiration and her opinion when deciding what to with this fabric.... thus it's called the 'Winkerton Flasher'. This naming of the garment I make has stuck, expect this everytime I make something!

What do you think? I really like it... the orange of my hair and the mint of the dress makes me hungry looking at it, like a dessert... where is the chocolate?! I like the fit and the style... very 'chilling about on a sunny day' aka very Bundana.

In regards to the pattern, it was a dream! I am sooooo used to yards and inches now (even though my little metric brain thinks its gobbledegook) and other than that, the pattern was like putting your spoon through a chocolate mousse- easy and soooooo satisfying!

OK, so my little reflection about the dress...

  1. Greaseproof paper does NOT work ever so well as a tracing paper substitute. It's OK... hmmmmm.... well, you know..... it did the trick. Problems that made the process an unhappy one were that I had to use a pencil as NOTHING else would stay on the paper (grease included presumably, ahem). Pencils go blunt like HELL! What a pain in the posterior. Also, the paper is so shiny and cutting out was a task not to be undertaken lightly, the light bulbs, sun, my fuming red eyes would all reflect happily off the surface and obscuring totally my view of my lines to cut. Worth a shot though, no?! €1.89 rather than €8 on tracing paper here in Ireland. As I say, it was fine... just not enjoyable, at all.
  2. I do not have any shoes to go with the dress, yet. Excuse for shopping?! Go on, then.
  3. I can't wear it because it's still freezing in Ireland
  4. I love it though! Get me, wearing pink! If they could see me now. ('They' being people who only know me as 'Brown Cathy', a colour during college I just LOVED!! Indie, Hippy, Belle and Sebastian 'Twee and Studious'... all phases of my fashion tastes during that hormonally charged and generally fun and drunken time of my life were accommodated with the wonderful colour of brown.) OK, so I am not Barbara Cartland pink, but this is the best effort I have made in a long long time.... those flecks of pink you see are a landmark for me.
  5. Thou shall not rush. I rushed the gathering because I didn't enjoy it. I also didn't like doing the hand stitching so much, so I rushed that. Don't get me wrong... I love making clothes, but I have this habit (in life as well as in dressmaking) of rushing and bodging over things that I don't enjoy... I didn't like the gathering because my sewing machine wouldn't produce a stitch that I could gather, so I had to do it by hand... couture, you know... But I don't like what I did, so that gathering is a bit bulky and not how I would ideally like it
  6. Cotton is too heavy and bulky for lining. Next dress will have no skirt lining or a VERY much thinner one. Caffy the Cheapskate did NOT strike again. The rest of this white cotton will be used for muslin... which I MUST start doing. But I lined the whole thing, used catchstich and it looks rather good. It's just a tad too heavy and clumpy.I've used a lickle wickle bit of the Iced Frappe cotton from Backstitch, it's a winner folks! Get some! It's a beaut of a colour and is going to make another beautiful garment for summer... watch this space
In conclusion....

I like it, Q isn't so keen. I think it's girlie and he not used to that! Oh well, its my new staple for the sun that Ireland WILL get. Chilling in the garden with a chilled Pinot Grigio. Oh yes... my willpower will make this happen! Anyways, Jamie Christina is a name to watch. The dress was a dream to put together and with clear instructions and a clear, concise and fun voice guiding you through, I skipped away from making this dress feeling that little bit more closer to sewing well. Success!

Next up.... Colette Pattern 'Clover' Trousers in...


Dresden Blue. Can't beat a pair of trousers in blue, can ya?!

Slightly tempted to make them in red, but we shall see. As always, this is an idea... not set in stone!




  1. I think it looks marvellous on you, very well done and sod Q! ;) I'm the same, rushing over things I don't like doing (or not doing them at all), but the dress looks amazing so I don't think you should beat yourself up too much ;)

    1. Thanks mate, I knew I wasn't the only one to rush! Just trying not to now, curb it and take my time! Q likes a bit more now, it's growing on him! I was feeding the baby lambs my landlady has this morning and she came over to see my sewing stuff and told Q he is 'feckin' mad not to like!! Bahahahaha. Interestingly, he is colour blind... so the mint green looks ginger and my hair lookd mint green to him. Funny old world!

  2. You are so adorable! I love this dress on you - and, coming from Ireland I know how cold it is, so major props to you for baring all to show us the dress! x

    1. It was amazing to find a gap in the clouds and rain, snow and winds! Hahahahaha! Thanks for your compliment mate :D Might get to wear it.... one day. Next sunny Irish day, I'll keep you posted! How long did it take for your buddies in the UK take to pronounce your name?! I'm still struggling with some... Caoimhe, Feidhelm! Love, love LOVE them... so beautiful. Take care :)

  3. This dress is so cute. I have a total new respect for you, for braving the weather. phew!!!I would not be caught dead outside right now without a coat and tights.

    1. I thought outside pics would look a bit better than the usual 'my sewing room' pics! hahahaha. thanks dibs


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