Sunday, 12 February 2012

12 in 2012... My Challenge and Lists!

I'm in, I'm in, I'm really REALLY in! If there is one thing that can keep me focused in life and achieve goals- crossing an item of a list as 'done'- is it. I love it, so satisfying. 

Suzie @ Su Sews So-So has a group of peeps (me included) to come up with 12 aims of the year and work to attain them goals- and write about them on their blogs. So, here is mine:

12 Dresses...

1. Angela Kane's - Pinafore Dress -DONE  
2. Jamie Christina - Sunny Day Dress - DONE
3. Burda Sewing Handbook Dress
4. Colette Patterns Sewing Handbook- Sweetheart Neck Sheath Dress
5. Colette Patterns Sewing Handbook- Asymmetrical Flounce Dress
6. Colette Patterns Sewing Handbook-  The Lined Dress with Gathered Sleeves
7. Sewaholic - Lonsdale Dress
8. Jamie Christina - Honey Girl Dress
9. Colette Patterns- Peony
10. Colette Patterns- Eclair
11. Colette Patterns- Macaroon
12. Colette Patterns - Rooibos

12 Separates...

1. Colette Patterns - Sorbetto DONE and a few more refashions from old clothes (pending...) 
2. Burda Sewing Handbook - Skirt
3. Burda Sewing Handbook - Blouse
4. Burda Sewing Handbook - Bag
5. Butterwick - Cape 3566
6. Colette Patterns - Negroni Shirt
7. A pair of Jeans
8. Colette Patterns - Clovers (Trousers)
9. Colette Patterns Sewing Handbook - Scalloped Hem Skirt
10. Colette Patterns Sewing Handbook - Flutter Sleeve Blouse
11. Sewaholic - Pendrell Blouse
12. Colette Patterns - Beignet

12 Skills...

1. Darts - DONE!
2. Inserting Elastic - DONE!
3. Bias Tape - DONE (ish)
4. Zips
5. Inserting Sleeves
6. Cuffs
7. Gathering
8. Lining
9. Tucks and Pleats
10. Pockets 
11. Necklines and Collars
12. Buttons and Fastenings

12 Things...

1. Dressmaker's Dummy
2. Pinking Shears
3. Burda Sewing Handbook DONE!
4. Colette Sewing Handbook
5. French Curve
6. Overlocker
7. Tracing Wheel - DONE
8. Invisible Zipper Foot
9. Rolled Hem Foot
10. Blind Hem Foot
11. Wildcard
12. Wildcard

Seeing as I am a late comer to the 12 in 2012, I have included some of what I have done already in 2012 to catch up somewhat. Acceptable, I think. I'm sure Suzie will tell me if not!

What I will do, is as I complete a project I will refer back to my lists of 12 and then cross them off accordingly with updates of my progress. Now I have 4 lists of 12, I feel its attainable but a stretch... exactly what's needed to get myself going. 

My ultimate aim this year is to truly feel like I have gone from 'novice' to 'intermediate' this year. My sewing classes were cancelled due to lack of interest and numbers, so I am going to teach myself with the amazing patterns, books and tutorials, community and blogs available online. Please feel free to be critical about what I do, I won't improve if I never get any critcism!

I'm going to make Clovers from Colette Patterns and refashion this dress into a Sorbetto. That's next up.....

... with black bias tape? I think its a winner? I love this dress, but I am a tad bored of it. It's about 5 years old. I think a Sorbetto would be cool with a pair of shorts and sandals for summer.




  1. How lovely to have a fellow sewist on the same island! I wouldn't categorise you as novice - you are really heading towards that intermediate/advanced stage already. Good to have you around Caffy. Those are some detailed lists you have there. Good luck with all your sewing adventures, I look forward to seeing them.

    1. Hi Ruth! I am a novice! I have just made my muslin for my trousers and just 'wowed' at them coming together like a weird jigsaw puzzle!! Really nice to meet you too! Keep in touch and feel free to criticise!

  2. I look forward to see how you get on. Shout if you need any help and or advice! I'll be following closely.

    1. Thanks Suzy, as you know... I will take you up on that offer!!

  3. Oh wow - that is an impressive set of goals you have come up with!!! And of course you are allowed to include what you have already made in 2012!
    Good luck with your goals, can't wait to see how you get on.

    1. Thank you! Well on with 3 projects now and the shopping list, well... consider than DONE! Hahahaha. I can't wait to see how we all get one! What a lovely set of goals :D Take care x

  4. Wow!!! that is some serious stuff. Good luck,and I will be reading your blog to see how you get on. Like you, I would also like to sew some Colette patterns and Sewaholic patterns this year. I really like them, but I have never really made any, apart from the Sorbetto of course.

    1. They are well on their way to birth, just need time, patience and a few extra €€€ would be very nice! I love reading your blog Dibs, you have great talent and style.

      I am well on with 3 projects, so should be blogging soon :D Yay! Take care and thanks for your comments :-)

  5. Great "12 things" list!
    I can't wait to see all your dresses, as u can tell, I love dresses.
    Ohhh trousers and jeans! Good one!! I haven't been brave enough to add them on my list..

    I;d like to sew with knits soon though.

    PS I LOVE your red hair!!!!! I love red heads... Marcia Cross (Bree Van De Camp from Desperate Housewives) is one of my favorite ladies.. Miranda from Sex and the City :)


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