Saturday, 19 January 2013

Bibs, yes, bibs... but not as you know them...*

* = For the expectant mother or the baby shower invitee**

**= I was both today. 

You don't have to be expecting to make these lovelies. 

Going to be an aunty (or uncle)? Friend having a baby? Boss having a baby (brownie points)? You could always think of them as a scrap-buster and money-saver, as I bought NOTHING to make these (except for velcro, which I had but lost).  

Today, I was the baby shower invitee... I made some bibs for my darling friend. This, readers, is an absolute winner and I really recommend that you give it a try for any friends, family and colleagues that are going to have or have had a baby. 

All you need is some scraps of fabric 25 x 30cm or sew smaller pieces together to create that size (which I did too and will explain how)

I made a bib pattern, easy enough to do.

Bib Length (Red Arrow) 28cm
Bib Width (Cream Arrow) 22cm
Neck Width (Green Line) 9cm
Neck Length (Light Blue Line) 7cm 

I used a very heavy linen weave fabric for the back of the bibs; this fabric is so soft, absorbent and heavy duty. Using this fabric, I stencilled 4 patterns for my base fabrics. I just used a jam jar and a Biro  this pattern is so small and simple, there is really no need to pin and stencil. 

Choosing fabrics was so fun! I patch-worked two of the four with scraps from previous projects and the tiniest snips and slithers taken from my stash. 

I neatened up the snips and slithers with my quilting ruler and rotary cutter... 

... I then pinned in place...

... and stitched together with the (quite simply) amazingly helpful 1/4" sewing foot... 

... this left my fabric looking like this... 

... and after a quick iron, looking like this...

... delicious!

Then using this patch-worked fabric as one piece of fabric, I cut out the same basic bib pattern on the chosen fabrics. 

Placing the two bib sides together (right sides together), I cut at the top where I wanted the opening to be (which would be behind the neck, generically placed... it is the yellow line on the picture on the right, obviously on the fabric). 

Pinning along all of the sides and then sewing together with a 1/4" seam allowance (using the 1/4" presser foot), I left a 5cm opening to then turn right side out.

I then turned the fabric right-side out, pressed flat and then slip-stitched the 5cm opening shut.

I added velcro to the back of the neck and then done!

Rear of bib

Front of the bib

Time Taken: 3 hours 
Spent: Nowt on fabric or thread. Velcro was an utter rip off @ €4 for 1metre, but I didn't have enough time to go to town
Make Again? Yes!! Many, MANY times over... I bet (5 pregnant friends and myself, erm, yes)

I am UTTERLY giddy about having a baby myself and I loved these bibs that I made as a present for one of my bestest friends, but in all honesty... I can't wait to make some for myself. The utter simplicity and scope to go berserk with details and quirks whets the appetite to say the least! 

You may have noticed that I have made some changes about the description of this blog; I am simply opening up the scope of what I write on this blog. I am still a dressmaker, first and foremost... yet I have started to dabble in other exciting interests from wine making to crochet to veggie growing to quilt making and all the with ultimate interest in creating beautiful things to enjoy with a frugal method! From the odd time, I will share what I have created outside of 'Sewville'. I do hope you don't mind, readers.

Until next time... here is a pic of Bambino




  1. Aw congratulations with the baby news am so delighted for you. Am looking forward to your other posts as I for one will find it most interesting.

  2. Congratulations!! Bibs are indeed a must and welcomed presents for an expectant Mum!

  3. These are just brilliant, and much more stylish than the store ones - always good to start bubs off on a stylish note...and congratulations on your baby news! Off to have a peek around your blog...J

  4. These are super cute and super quick which equals success in my book! Love them!

  5. CONGRATS on the new little one! Your bibs are adorable; I was just hinking the other day that I should get to making a few; my DS will be starting solids in the next couple months!

    And I toally "get" blogging subjects outside of sewing, I'm considering expanding the subjects I write about, too. :)

  6. Oh this is such a good idea, I've been wondering about what to make for a friend expecting her second.

  7. Congratulations on your baby news!!! and those bibs are a great idea. Have you come across the free patterns on sew4home, there's a section on baby and nursery sewing that you might find useful.

  8. Congrats on the baby news!!! I am pregnant too!
    Love the bibs and will be featuring you on my new website when I get to make some for my little one - (was pixie pattern)

  9. Love these bibs - you can never have too many! Don't forget to make a few in a larger size too ;)


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