Friday, 18 May 2012

The Bombshell Sessions #2 Finished Muslin

Thanks for all comments about the last muslin. I think that I have made all the changes needed.

Here is, what I think, my finished muslin...

Any comments or suggestions.... Please get involved and leave me a comment!

  • I have increased the top of the cup (Piece #1 from a size 4 to size 6) as it was borderline 'flasher'
  • I have removed 1/4" from Pieces 4, 5 and 7. I left the whole of the #6 alone as it sat well on my back.
  • I have left the waistline where it is on this muslin, but I think I might have to raise it a bit.
  • Now I have seen these pics I have added 0.5cm back to piece #7 as there are some horizontal lines

Not long left to complete this badboy now, but I have 3 full weekends to get it done and not a lot else to do, either... so expect BBC Radio 6, Diet Cokes and blogs a-plenty about how my progress goes!I played a blinder with making 3 Colette dresses at the same time as this dress, my interest has been restored and I am tinkering about with 4 projects at the same time is giving me an enormous amount to do- but that's the way that I like it!

I've even got a schedule to get the 'Rumble in the Jungle' Dress done by the 9th of June... I am a machine at the moment, so motivated!

I have got 2 weeks off from the 4th of June, so some serious 'Bombshell Sessions' are available... yipee!

Here are the supplies.... 

This is going to make one funky dress! I can't wait :D

I wish that I could wear all these dresses shoeless, then I would not have a problem wearing them at any opportunity. I like quirk. Quite often, the quirkier the better. After some soul searching with my tastes again (I found the choice available of fabric out there hard to decipher what my taste was anymore... I liked it all!) and have decided that I like a little bit of most styles. Some days I feel like whacking on a beret, some brown shoes and a mac and being a little bit twee and a lot pretentious (honesty is the best policy) and other days I feel like wearing a Cherry print dress with 5 inch red Mary Jane stilettos. After organising my existing clothes and accessories... I have come to the conclusion that I need some more.


I have the following as saved searched over here in Ireland:

  1. Dresses Ireland (Sz 8)
  2. Shoes Ireland (Sz 5)
  3. Silk Scarves Ireland
  4. Vintage Ireland
  5. Sewing Ireland
  6. Fabric Ireland
  7. Curling Tongs Ireland
  8. Irregular Choice Ireland
  9. Poetic Justic Ireland
  10. Beads Ireland

Muhahahaha, it is working a treat!

Until next time!




  1. I think it looks great, I am officially impressed and intimidated. I have never even thought of attempting something like this. Wow. Fitting skills.

  2. This is looking Fab Caffy! I need to get started on mine too asap (also planning on making for a wedding this summer) - eek! Because I haven't started mine, I'm not exactly sure about the fitting issues involved so dunno if I can give you much help. I did agree with you thought that perhaps the waistline needs to be raised ever so slightly?

    Oh and I LOVE your fabric choice - cannot WAIT to see it made up in the dress!

  3. It's looking fantastic!! Great work!

  4. Gosh you're doing well in the sewing stakes. I want to shed the blubber before I start on my first top Lol So that keeps me motivated since am rearing to go.


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