Thursday, 3 May 2012


Thank you Su Sews So So and Thread Carefully for the Liebster Award

Thank you Sew Me Love for the Sunshine Award

Thank you Sassy T for the Versatile Blogger Award

I like these award thingys, they are really friendly and get communities of people checking out each others blogs- its great to read more and more blogs (I read all of the blogs that I follow on Sunday morning BTW, coffee, breakfast and getting some inspiration from my beloved followed blogs)

The Sunshine Award

Here are the answers to the Sunshine Award random q's...

Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite animal: Puffin
Favourite number: 26, my age...
Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Diet Coke, my pattern weights and late night fuel
Facebook or Twitter: Twitter, fo'sure
My passion: Sewing, writing and my fiancée and dog
Getting or giving presents: Getting myself presents and giving surprise presents
Favourite Pattern: hmm, I love Colette Patterns 'Éclair' great to work on, so versatile
Favourite day of the week: Sunday. Day of breakfast in bed, coffee, blogs, sewing, dog walking and writing
Favourite flower: Daisies
Favourite celebrity role model: Bob Dylan. A man who cannot do anything but do it his own way

Liebster Award 

I would like to thank Tabatha from Threadcarefully and Suzy from Su Sews So So for the award! They are both lovely and good and funny and I am chuffed with this internet malarkly that it's been possible to connect with them, even though it's virtual!

I would nominate for the Liebster AND the Sunshine Award:

Sew Me Love - A beautiful little seamstress with beautiful ideas and ability
Sew Today, Wear Tomorrow - Like me, Yvette is a newbie but going full throttle with adaptations and adjustments!
ElleC - She is hilarious and I love reading her blog
Sassy T- Amazingly talented and such a fun-to-read blog
Princess Prudence Diaries - I adore her vintage passion!

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks Sassy T for the award! 


1. Add the badge to the winning blog page
2. Thank the blogger who gave it
3. List the rules. 
4. List seven (7) random facts about yourself.  
5. Pass on the award to 7 deserving and conscientious bloggers who are nominated for their diligence, demonstrated skill, and achievements in the world of blogging and specifically in the sewing related category. 
6. Contact the nominated bloggers and let them know they are recipients.

Seven random facts:

1. I am from the UK, living in Ireland and marrying a Dutchman
2. I can bend all of my toes independently of each other
3. I have never tried a food that I don't like
4. I had dark purple hair for 3 years, I am now back to being ginger
5. I was once on the front page of the Yorkshire Evening post for whistle-blowing that student nurses were not getting any jobs after qualification in 2010
6. I applied and was accepted for 'Peace and Conflict Studies' degree and Bradford University, I changed my mind and did 'Nursing' in Leeds instead
7. I have a Rolf Harris t-shirt that I wear for bed, I love it

I nominate:

Suzy Sew Blog - From the moment I started sewing and blogging, I have followed and loved her blog
The Fabric Godmother - I just love her shop and blog, oh how I love her blog!
Sophisticated Seams - Lovely, regular writing
Su Sews So So - Fellow resident of Ireland sewing beautiful things!
Gather Kits - An exciting and excellent pair who are rocking my sewing world!
Scared Sticthless - She adores sewing as much as I do, that is no bad thing!
The Sewing Directory - I love these ladies! An amazing source of information in my world of sewing
Thread Carefully - She is not a woman, she is a sewing machine! (To adapt a 'Terminator' quote. Go Tabatha!
3 Hours Past the Edge of the World - A master of the cloth, a dazzler of a dart and a perfect pattern producer.

This is just a bit of fun really. You now know some random facts about me and I've given a heads up to some people. Seriously, I read all the blogs I follow, I am inspired by all of them. Passion, I love it!




  1. Thanks for the mention in there! And just quietly, you deserve all those awards, you are a sewing fiend!

  2. Thanks my doll! i love your blog, too, I am excited waiting for your bombshell dress :) Yay, thanks to this post I have found new blogs to read:)

  3. Thank you for the awards very much appreciated. Yours were well deserved.

  4. Aww just having a long overdue blog catch up and have seen this - thankyou so much! Our little blog sometimes gets neglected while we're stitching away frantically but hoping to spend a bit more time on it when we can! Thanks again and congrats on all your awards - you deserve them ;)


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