Sunday, 18 March 2012

Dusk Dinner Date Cape - Butterwick 3566

A reversible Cape.... 

I made this this week! Waiting for my seam gauge and my invisible zipper foot, I thought that I would go back to my 12 in 2012 list and see what I could make in the mean time. Yes, I know Spring is coming and a thick winter-woolen/tweed cape is somewhat season-inappropriate but I was giddy after my UK fabric shopping and found the navy and black fabric for €2.50 a metre! Yummy! 

The 'Dusk Dinner Date Cape'  came from a.... twinteraction with @SewYou (Abi) where she was wishing that she had made her cape but being too late. NOOOO! A cape is perfect for a 'Dusk Dinner Date' anytime of the year... 365. Visit Sew You Handmade, it's inspiring what that lass can do with a sewing machine and a piece of fabric!

I also won, at Christmas, the Sewing Directory Advent Giveaway (Day #8 I think) 3 metres of the fabric of my choice- so I chose the Black Wool Coating @ £10.50/metre. I cannot believe I won something!!! Wow, that never happens to me! Seriously, I am so grateful for this beautiful coating from Abakhan Fabrics who sponsored the Sewing Directory Advent Giveaway. Genuinely, If you want something sewing related, go to the Sewing Directory first... they will help you. 

Ebay €2.40

The pattern uses, quite frankly, a scary amount of fabric, but it was a pleasure to sew. With just 3 pattern pieces, the pattern allows for imagination and flair. Obviously, with the hood and the neat finish of the cape, I was sewing on the reverse- I have never done this to the extent of this piece but I love the finished result!

After sewing the seam allowance, trimming it and then serging it... I turned the cape the right way round and added top-stitching the entirety. I LOVE it, looks so professional and finished. Just, yummy.

I failed a *bit* on the lining-up of the hood.....

....but nothing too horrendous.

I could have added loads more buttons, but chose not to. I like the simplicity and wrap-around-ability of this finished cape. I have 5 trips back to the UK this year- all by ferry. Now, you can take the girl out of Yorkshire and all that and being savvy, thrifty and down-right tight with my money- I go on the 2am ferry which is the cheapest! Minimal passengers and relentless air conditioning mean that it gets ruddy cold on that starry and windy ferry, so this will be a godsend! Its my wearable blanket and I love it.

My first button.... 

12 in 2012...

No. 5 of Separates... Butterwick 3566 Cape.
No. 11 and 12 of Skills... Necklines and Buttons
No. 8 and 11 of Things.... Wildcard (Seam Gauge, now) and Invisible Zipper Foot. These arrived halfway through the making!

Time Taken: 10 hours 
Cost: FREE wool lining from winning the Sewing Directory Christmas Advent Competition, €8 on the blue/black tweed, Upcycled Buttons = FREE and €1 on the industrial navy thread and the pattern €2.40
TOTAL = €11.40
Make again? Yes, for a friend or if I found some more beautiful tweed. Its just a great showcase for beautiful fabric.

Oh yeah.... here is my 'Date' getting in on the action.....

... I don't know if he's a lucky man or I'm a lucky gal 




  1. It looks fantastic, great work!! I also did a cape last year and its sole purpose is to be my wearable blanket at work (always cold at work). I underlined it with fleece and it's very, very cozy and warm :)

  2. Wow Caffy it looks brilliant, I bet you will be wearing it non-stop next winter and it's still pretty nippy now too so you'll get some wear out of it before the summer.

    Love the pics it looks great on you :-)

    1. I've been wearing non-stop this Spring! I have been out on my dusk date now and a very refined lady told me my cape is to die for! To say that I was smiling from ear to ear would be an understatement... especially when I could tell her that I made it. Yay!!

  3. What a fab cape. Looks nice and cosy too.

    1. Wearable blanket aim.... met!

      Thanks Mel :-)

  4. I'm very impressed! I've had my sewing machine for about 3 years now and have made a clutch and a tablecloth. Very jealous of everyone's dressmaking skills ;)
    Emma xx

    1. Mate, go for it... you're free then to make some SUPER gawjus things!

  5. GorJUSS! Loves it! And you've reminded me I've got several cape patterns stashed away, I shall have to check those out and add them to the ever increasing list of stuff to sew before I die.

    PS for some reason your bloglovin' feed is no longer popping up for me, last one I got was Feb 15th. No idea why but though I should mention it :(

    1. Make one, its great fun! Shhh, between me and you... quite a headache-less project too. Just need loads and loads of space to spread out your fabric because there are MASSES of it!

  6. Hye Caffy u have achieved a lot in such a short time!!! Buttons!
    don't worry about up of the hood, that happens to me heaps, so I have to remind myself to take care with my cutting because as my sewing teacher pointed out "a mm here and mm there can throw the whole thing off"!!

    1. So true, reflection on what you have done wrong is the way forward.... a Blog! Button, just the one ;-)

  7. Fab cape! I love that it is reversible!

    1. I've been wearing it the last few days, brrrrrrrrr. Thanks Roo. Your blog is an inspiration to me!


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