Friday, 16 March 2012


Hi there!!

I have revived the computer enough to now blog again!!! I have missed it, but every time I was typing... my computer was blowing up and losing my work :-(

But I have been sewing and learning loads!

I am enrolling in an intensive sewing course in October... its one 2 one sewing tuition, which I hope will (by the time October comes... I will be an intermediate) take me from the intermediate seamstress to the advanced.... check out Unique Couture Tuition


  1. 18 months to get to a good quality seamstress
  2. Leave Ireland
  3. Live in Belgium/ Holland
  4. Work as a dressmaker, NOT a nurse......
.....wish me luck!!


This weekend is my treble:

  • Butterwick 366 Misses' Cape (Its a beaut!)
  • Sorbetto revamp.... (dress seen above in a scallop sorbetto... YUMMY)
  • Burda Sewing Handbook Book Review

AND updates to my 12 in 2012 Challenge!!





  1. Replies
    1. Thanks m'dear! It's gonna happen... I just need to practice, practice, PRACTICE!!

  2. So, I'm a bit behind on my reading. This sounds like an awesome plan! I hope it works out for you, I have a friend who used to live in Holland and she loved it there.

    1. I need to do something Tors! I love Ireland, but can't stay here forever!


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