Tuesday 28 July 2015

Hello, anyone out there?!

Hello there!

I'm back to blogging! Life has taken a bit of a change for what I was expecting... but I'm now back to connect with the land of Blogdom and aim to keep a log of this new life I've found myself in. I'm a new, but incredibly proud, single mother of a (nearly) 2 year old and I'm just in the process of getting my very own place that will need (in the words of the Estate Agent) 'modernisation'. 

Bear with me whilst I revamp this blog and start to lay down the foundations for a new Bundana world order.... mainly involving sewing, upcycling, dairy-free, toddler-tendering, dog walking, foraging and general admiration and replication of pretty things I see. 

It's nice to be back.

Drop me a line if anyone still fancies a crafty chat :)

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