Thursday, 26 July 2012

Gingham Disaster

You win some, you lose some. I lost this time....

I used the Simplicity Pattern Runway 2176

See through!

The pattern is fine- it would be great in a Silk Habotai or Shantung, but that is not my day-to-day type of fabric and I mistakenly took a nice cotton and used that. Mistake. It was too thin and it just doesn't work and looks quite dated on me, like I have attempted to make a 1950s day dress, badly.
All is well, I shall dismantle and reuse. In reflection, I have used a shirting cotton for a dress that needs a heavier drape.
However, on the bright side, I am happy with my:




If there ever is to be a next time, I must:

Shorten the skirt of the dress so that the skirt band sits above the knee or just on it.

Lengthen the bodice by 3cm to allow it to sit on my waist and not, as now, unpleasantly below my ribs giving my figure a most unbecoming silhouette.

This dress will be dismantled and reused, fear not!

In other news:

I am working on my 4th project for friends and friends of friends, word is getting around! So far I have: taken up hems on trousers, taken down hems on trousers, adapted a bargain maxi dress to fit a 5'2'' lady, totally revamped a bridesmaid dress and now I am making a black slip for a lace dress.

It's nerve-racking working for someone else and then giving it back and CHARGING them- but so far, so good.

Now to work on a less 'icing' dress and more of a 'cake' dress.



Saturday, 21 July 2012


Hello one and all!

I am back sewing and blogging!

Weddings and work have made me somewhat aloof in blogville but I have been sewing and I am now back with a bang!

I have been working on a few bits and bobs for girls and work, which is a really nice thing to do.. especially when my friends LOVE what I have done for them.

Currently I am working my way through making a cerise pink bridesmaid dress look a *little* bit better for a girl at work. I will reveal all....

Really happy to say that I have used techniques used for Gertie's Bombshell Dress, like the twill tape trick which has helping bring the bodice of this pink, erm, dress in nicely. Just changing a hem (herringbone style) and making the waist less sack-like and more feminine!

Nice to be back!