Wednesday, 5 September 2012

New Gadget! Rolled Hem Foot

I really like this new little foot that I bought from eBay this month! 

I have used it whilst making my latest project for a client (work colleague). It is the first time that I have used jersey and I used the rolled hem foot on the neckline and the hem. Worked well and gave a clean finish to the slip, so I was very happy. I can see this foot being especially useful for silks and shiny fabrics.

To use the presser foot I went to YouTube for instructions and it did not let me down. Simply search for "Rolled Hem Foot" and there is a wealth of helpful videos to show you how easy the use of this foot is.

  • Easy to use
  • Even result
  • No ironing minuscule hems


  • Only seems to work well on straight edges

 I must admit that the sewing has taken a break lately, but the nights are drawing in and although it is nice and sunny in these parts of Ireland, its cold.

If I'm honest, I have hated making this slip. It's been an utter pain in the posterior. I have tweaked and changed and bought two seam-rippers. I think that the main problem was that I self-drafted the slip and then made some discoveries along the way. Mostly including removing stitched and stages that in my head worked, but in reality was an absolute disaster!

I aim to finish the slip tonight and take pictures of it tomorrow and then do not attempt self-drafting ANYTHING again until I have at least one book or reference to help me along the way. 

The home-brew Blackberry wine is in the fermenter and the sewing machine has been dusted and we are ready to rock and roll for an autumn wardrobe.

More to come later this week.

I'm back, I promise!