Thursday, 26 July 2012

Gingham Disaster

You win some, you lose some. I lost this time....

I used the Simplicity Pattern Runway 2176

See through!

The pattern is fine- it would be great in a Silk Habotai or Shantung, but that is not my day-to-day type of fabric and I mistakenly took a nice cotton and used that. Mistake. It was too thin and it just doesn't work and looks quite dated on me, like I have attempted to make a 1950s day dress, badly.
All is well, I shall dismantle and reuse. In reflection, I have used a shirting cotton for a dress that needs a heavier drape.
However, on the bright side, I am happy with my:




If there ever is to be a next time, I must:

Shorten the skirt of the dress so that the skirt band sits above the knee or just on it.

Lengthen the bodice by 3cm to allow it to sit on my waist and not, as now, unpleasantly below my ribs giving my figure a most unbecoming silhouette.

This dress will be dismantled and reused, fear not!

In other news:

I am working on my 4th project for friends and friends of friends, word is getting around! So far I have: taken up hems on trousers, taken down hems on trousers, adapted a bargain maxi dress to fit a 5'2'' lady, totally revamped a bridesmaid dress and now I am making a black slip for a lace dress.

It's nerve-racking working for someone else and then giving it back and CHARGING them- but so far, so good.

Now to work on a less 'icing' dress and more of a 'cake' dress.




  1. You're a generous seamstress doing all those projects for friends but it's good that you do actually charge them (but I bet you don't charge much). I'm sorry you're not happy with the dress. Such cute fabric and interesting that I can't notice it's gingham on the first picture. I don't know what that bodice is all about. You're tiny so if it's too small for you who is it supposed to fit? (Unless you shortened the bodice).

  2. It's so cute though! Get some cotton and run up a petticoat! Or just attach a skirt lining with the cotton, it would be a shame to lose it now.

  3. I think you're being a bit too harsh on yourself. It looks nice and I think if you made an underskirt it would be nice. Fair play on the alterations too, well done you. X

  4. It looks so nice in the photo. I don't mean to call you a liar, but you have provided photographic evidence... I am sure you are being way too harsh on yourself. What about adding a petticoat? It would make the skirt flare ou and provide some layers to block the view of your lady bits (so to speak).

  5. It looks fine, just wear it with an elastic waist half slip. You can make that out of a long rectangle of voile, mesh or any other fine fabric you've got a remnant of and just make a turnover band at top and insert elastic. Instead of hemming it you can put some lace on the bottom. Looks pretty sweet peeking out below the hem from time to time..

  6. I don't think this looks bad at all - it's very cute!! Maybe add a skirt lining and you'll be good to go :o) Be a shame to waste your hard work!

  7. I must say i agree with the previous commenters. I think it looks good in the photo. Could you shorten the skirt and wear it with a half slip, or add a free hanging lining to get rid of the see-through-ness? I think sometimes we are too close to things we make. If its not perfect, you see all the flaws. But a lot of RTW isnt perfect either. Maybe put it aside for a while and see how you feel in a week or so?

  8. I agree w/ all above, too! It looks great & looks like it fits well. I think the length is fine, but you're young, so shorten it--it will be really sexy. And I don't line stuff, just always wear silk slips. Sherry @ Pattern Scissor Cloth has a silk slip sewalong:

    The other thing that might be fun since it's such an "innocent" fabric is to make the skirt tighter (not TIGHT) and more form fitting? You'd need a slip, too. But then you'd have the sweet fabric w/ that sexy top & form-fitting skirt. Wowza. Here's a photo from Gretchen in a skirt that fits like I'm suggesting:

    Finally, you're sewing for OTHER people?! You are sooooo brave. I don't even sew for my husband; I'm afraid I wouldn't do it right!

  9. It looks like a really sweet dress! I agree with the others who say to make/buy a half slip, seems a shame to waste your hard work


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