Sunday, 24 June 2012

Slippin' 'Eck!- First project for someone else...

You can get away with imperfections and omissions when you are creating and making a garment for yourself. How about when a friend asks you to make something for them? This is my dilemma right now. I'm sweating!

This dress is a lace long sleeved dress, which looks fabulous on my friend. However, the 'slip' is a nude/beige slip which looks lovely underneath but has been worn to death by my friend (the same dress is appearing on Facebook 'tags' too many times, we all know what that's like!) and now she wants a black slip and also, maybe, a turquoise slip. Would you make one for me Caff? Yeah, why not.

Here is the dress in its entirety:

Here is the slip on the outside:

Here is the dress on the inside:

Interfacing in elastic bound to sit at the bottom of the bust, snuggly. Obviously overlocked using an industrial machinery.
This slip fabric components:

45% Rayon
25% Cotton
15% Nylon
15% Spandex

This pattern appears to be ticking the right boxes:

McCall's M4979 Camisole 

Ditto Fabric's Black Stretch Satin is a Polyester/ Lycra Mix. The Lycra content is only 3% however, compared to the 15% of the original fabric.

Let me know what you think and if you have any further suggestions.




  1. Oooh, I hate sewing with slippery fabric. Good luck, but I have made a dress for a friend before, and she was very understanding that a homemade dress will never have that same perfect finish as something from a shop, she was still over the moon that I had made something for her. x

  2. Go for it, you will do well. A lot of shop items are no better finished than handmade items, obviously not mine hehe as mine look "home made". Hence why you could pay a lot more for "hand made" items. All down to experience and finishes.

  3. I'd suggest using detachable bra straps + tubing for the straps. I do this with slips I make and it means they can be adjusted higher/lower for use with garments having differing necklines..

  4. If the fabric gets too slippery, get yourself some spray starch and starch it to death. Way easier to work with, and it will wash out easily. Considering that gorgeous dress you just made, this should be a snap.

    Caution on taking on too many sewing projects for friends, you just may find yourself sewing for other people more than yourself. Practise saying "oh I am so sorry, I couldn't possibly, I have 5 projects on the go right now and one more is just too much". Or whatever sounds like something you would say. Your sewing time is limited after all. Been there, done that, got pissed off about it.

  5. hi, i have been trying to respond to your tweet since you sent it, it won't go through for me. wanted you to know i wasn't ignoring you.


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